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Frequently Asked Questions

These are for guidance only - our full Terms and Conditions can be found at any branch or you can read them here.

For our Privacy Notice, please click here.


For full details, including up-to-date pricing, please call, email or ask at any branch.

Q:  How old do I have to be to hire?


A:  Drivers must be aged between 21 and 75 (this is mandatory and is stipulated by our insurers).  Hirers aged 21 to 24 must have held a full clean licence for at least 1 year.


Q:  What documents do I need?


A:  All drivers must provide the following:


  1. Driving Licence Photo ID Card (or a paper licence if you have the older style licence issued prior to 1997)

  2. 2 recent forms of ID such as Utility Bills, Bank Statements, Valid Passport - these must be from your current address, even if you haven't yet updated the address on your Driving Licence.

  3. CHECK CODE:  You can get a DVLA Licence Check Code by going to  You will need to enter your Driving Licence Number, National Insurance Number and the Postcode that appears on your Licence.  OR, alternatively, tell us your NI number when you come to collect the vehicle and we will assist with this.  (We must verify your licence in order to check for any endorsements or disqualifications which may prevent us from hiring to you)


Q:  What if I have points on my Licence?


A:  You are allowed up to a total of 6 points for speeding offences (SP30).   For all other Licence Endorsements, it's best to check with us at the time of enquiry/booking, in order to avoid disappointment.


Q:  Do you take a deposit?


A:  We require credit or debit card details when you make a booking.


Q:  What if I need to cancel my booking?


A:  When booking a vehicle, you are also booking a time-slot.  If you cancel giving less than 24 hours notice prior to your check-out time, and only if we are unable to re-hire the vehicle to someone else, we will charge you 50% of the hire amount.  If you give us more notice than this, we reserve the right to apply a £12.50 administration fee.


Q:  Is there a mileage restriction?


A:  This depends on the vehicle and the duration of hire.  For most vehicles we allow 250 miles per day (averaged over your hire period), and excess mileage is charged at 10p per mile thereafter.  Please enquire when booking.


Q:  What's the biggest van I can drive on my Licence?


A:  You can drive all our vehicles on a standard category B Licence (car licence).  This is because all our vehicles have a Gross laden weight of 3500KG or less.


Q:  What happens if I damage the vehicle?


A:  All damage is recorded upon check-out.  We will walk round the vehicle with you and point out any existing damage.  Before you take the vehicle, we will ask you to sign the inspection report.  Upon return, we will check the vehicle for any new damage.  The hirer's liability for damage is up to the first £1,000 per incident of damage to our vehicle or third party claim.  Excess Reimbursement Insurance products are available, please ask for details, however your Excess Liability to Stamford Vehicle Hire remains the same. 

All damage costs are pursued, and repairs will be carried out at a time which suits our operational requirements.

We advise our customers not to underestimate the cost of repairing even the smallest amount of damage to a commercial vehicle. Due to their height, most van damage cannot be repaired by a local car bodyshop.  Commercial vehicles require larger, specialist equipment to remove dents, and a spraying booth large enough to house the vehicle during painting.  

Q:  Can anyone hire?


A:  All hires are subject to certain criteria being met.  Anyone suspected to be intoxicated, or who is considered unfit to drive for any reason, will be turned away.

Q:  Can I hire a vehicle for towing with?


A:  No.  We do not permit towing with our vehicles.  None of our vehicles have tow bars and towing is not permitted by our insurers.


Q:  What about fuel?


A:  The fuel level is recorded prior to your departure and must be returned at the same level.  (Due to location and operational requirements, we can't operate a full tank policy)


Q:  Can we add a driver?


A:  More than one driver can be included in your booking.


Q:  What if I have a road accident?


A:  An incident pack is provided in every vehicle with information on what to do.  


If you are able, and if it is safe to do so, you must as soon as possible:


  1. Take name and contact details of the other driver(s), any passengers and any witnesses.  Take note of the other car registration numbers.  Obtain the insurance details of the other person(s) involved.  Note the positions of people seated in all vehicles involved at the time of the incident.

  2. Contact us at Stamford Vehicle Hire.


Q:  What if the vehicle breaks down?


A:  All our vehicles are covered by RAC or by the vehicle manufacturer.   The appropriate phone numbers are located in the vehicle, on your key fob, and on your rental agreement.  Also, for added peace of mind, our out of hours contact number is provided on your rental agreement.


Q:  Do you have sat navs?


A: A satnav can usually be booked, it's best to check in advance.


Q:  Can I borrow a sack trolley?


A:  We have sack trolleys available.  Please ask for details and price.


Q:  Do you charge for cleaning?


A:  We rarely need to make an additional charge for cleaning, however in extreme cases we reserve the right to make a valeting charge of £50. Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles and a charge of £100 will be levied for fumigating a vehicle that has been smoked in.  Similarly, pets are not permitted; any cleaning required will be charged over and above any charges for physical damage to the vehicle interior.


Q:  Can I take a vehicle abroad?


A:  Permission to take any of our vehicles abroad will need to be obtained prior to your rental, and will require a minimum of 5 working days notice in order to process the necessary legal documentation.  Additional charges will apply, these costs fluctuate frequently, so please ask for up-to-date details.


Q:  How is my data used and stored?


A:  Stamford Vehicle Hire will never use client data for marketing purposes or pass on any data to third parties unless legally required to do so and in accordance with the relevant Road Traffic Act, and in pursuance of any insurance claim.  Further details on how and why we use your data can be found in our Privacy Policy here.

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